Service FAQs

How does Mercedes-Benz of Naperville's service compare to services provided by my local auto shop?

Unlike other repair shops, we use only the best tools and parts engineered specifically for your Mercedes-Benz. Plus, our Service Center has multiple comfort amenities, including a loaner vehicle should you need it.

My tire pressure warning illuminates occasionally. What does this mean?

There are a few things that could cause the tire pressure warning to turn on occasionally. One reason could be a leaking tire that is losing more air than normal over time. Make sure to take your vehicle in for routine maintenance.

How often should I take my Mercedes-Benz for regular maintenance?

You should bring your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in for routine maintenance to our service department every year or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

What kind of fuel should I utilize in my Mercedes-Benz?

While you should use premium unleaded gasoline, regular gasoline works as well.

Buying A Mercedes-Benz

Where should I shop for a Mercedes-Benz in Naperville, IL?

You can shop for a Mercedes-Benz at Mercedes-Benz of Naperville. We proudly serve the areas of Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, and Joliet. We are the largest and most popular Mercedes-Benz dealership in the Naperville area. Schedule a test drive today.

What makes Mercedes-Benz of Naperville better than other dealerships in town?

Some things that set our dealership apart are our impeccable customer service, welcoming atmosphere, and large inventory. Our expert specialists help take the stress out of car buying and get you on your way to owning the vehicle you want. We also offer Mercedes-Benz financial services.

How much inventory do you have at your Mercedes-Benz dealership?

Mercedes-Benz of Naperville offers an extensive new and used inventory of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Our online inventory is so thorough and expansive that you will have no trouble finding the car of your dreams.

Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz

What tips can you share for selecting a Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz?

Our used and certified pre-owned vehicle prices offer great value to the Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, and Joliet areas because you can get all of the perks of a like-new Mercedes-Benz for a lower price.

Why buy from a Mercedes-Benz dealership instead of a pre-owned car dealer?

Unlike other used cars or SUVs on the market from other automotive dealer websites, our used and Certified Pre-Owned cars have OEM parts to ensure they operate and perform like new vehicles.

Do pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles go through tests?

Yes. All of our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles go through rigorous manufacturer's testing to ensure safety.

Are there advantages of buying a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vs. a new one?

Our Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been maintained by only factory-trained technicians with original Mercedes-Benz manufacturing parts, or OEM, meaning they are as good as buying a new Mercedes-Benz but at a fraction of the cost.

Will a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz come with a warranty?

Our used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are also a great value because all Mercedes-Benz vehicles come with a warranty.

Mercedes-Benz Setup

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